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Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day: Matt Horwitz

Super stoked to feature one of the baddest dudes in the Hardcore, Punk, and Metal scene. We are very happy to announce and feature the Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day: Matt Horwitz!

Hi there. I'm Matt Horwitz, 37 years old, from Orange County California.


When/ how/ why did you start playing drums?

I started playing drums when I was 9. Started off with just a pad for about a year, until my parents knew I was serious about playing. Then got my first kit that Christmas. I don't know exactly why I started. My dad was a drummer back in the day but, he never had a kit around the house. I just thought it was really cool, and it also came naturally to me. I had a good sense of rhythym right off the bat.


What bands are you currently playi/ touring with?

I currently play with a lot of bands. I do a lot of "hired gun" stuff for bands that either need a new drummer or have a drummer who's on tour or unavailable. Here is who I've been playing with recently:

Dead Twenty Sevens

Why We Kill

The Uprising

Lucky Scars

Gates of Ivory

The Mistake

Mean Season


The Rockaways (Ramones Tribute)

War Ensemble (Slayer Tribute)


 What bands have you toured with?


Give Until Gone

The Killingtons

Love Thyne

The Agony Scene


Dawn of Ashes

Red Devil Squadron

Orange Blossom Special


Monument to Thieves


The biggest or best gigs you've played?

The biggest gigs I've played were in Europe and Japan. FlufFest in the Czech Republic with Mean Season in 2013 was good. Outdoor festival. Thousands of people. Great crowd. The Big Cat in Osaka, Japan '09, with Mikoto, is up there on "the best shows I've ever played" list. Not all big shows are the best though. Some of my favorite shows went down in smaller venues like, the now closed, Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca. Capacity 250(?), but they had some of the greatest shows ever there. Recently played an Adamantium reunion show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim and it was insane.


What are some things you like to do outside of drumming?

Outside of drumming, I'm a big sports fan. All sports. I play soccer in a mens league. It's kind of tough though because, if I get hurt, I can't play drums. I have to be careful. I also love collecting horror movie memorabilia and artwork. Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. That kind of stuff. I got a dog recently. He keeps me busy.


Who are some of your fvorite drummers?

Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), John Stanier (Helmet), John Bonham, Andols Herrick (Chimaira), and Mike Johnston (clinician). There's a lot more but, those are probably my top 5.


Favorite Food?

I could eat french fries for the rest of my life, if I had to.


Favorite drink?

Water...then an ice cold Heineken.


What are 3 things people may not know about you?

I am OCD. I hate sleeping in other peoples houses/ beds. I never want to have children.


What is your set up:

Masters of Maple Drum Co.

12", 14", 16", 18", 24",

13x8.5" snare

PAISTE cymbals

16" RUDE thin crashes (played as hi-hats)

18" RUDE thin crash

18" ALPHA rock crash

20" ALPHA rock ride (played as a crash)

21" ALPHA groove ride (played as a crash)

22" 2002 ride cymbal

10" ALPHA splash

EVANS heads

PROMARK sticks


What is your dream gig?

If I could go back in time, I'd love to be in Motley Crue or Guns 'n Roses. Years 1985-92. Wild times. Great time for music. I might not be here to give this interview though, hahaha!


Now that you are a professional drummer, has anything been different then you imagined it would be?

Nothing really. I'm used to the way things are because it's been this way for awhile. There are definitely some perks as far as the shows I get to play, and places I get to go, and certain endorsements I have. I'm really fortunate to be in the position I'm in. Took a long time to get here. I'm just really happy with how things have turned out for me. I'm busy. I'm working. I'm always playing out. I'm teaching alot. Just going to ride this wave as long as possible and hopefully it keeps building. Sky's the limit!


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