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Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition. Lifestyle/ Products/ Lessons.

Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day

Well, since this is the first of many, I figure the first Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day should be me. Not posting this because I'm vain, but so you can get to know me a little better. It'll also help you to get to know other Drum Brigade drummers, as well as drummers we straight up think are dope as well. So enough said... This is my Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day interview:


Korey Kingston Horn  

My name is Korey Horn. Some may be surprised to know I am 36 years old. I live in north county San Diego California. I'm a born and raised Californian. I like to play drums...



When did you start playing drums?  

I started when I was 3 years old. My dads a singer. There was drums always set up at the house. I was always completely fascinated with his drummer, actually any drummer. So one day my mom lowered the drums for me so I could try and play them. The rest is history. Since then I never stopped.  

Who do you play with?

I am currently playing with Western Standard Time ska big band, on occasion with Hepcat, and I work regularly with a corporate gig, "Vegas style" band called Sirens Crush. I'm also involved with some cool recording projects at the moment. We will have to wait and see what happens with that... 

What are some bands/ artists you've played/ toured/ recorded with?

Some of the bands I've played with are Suedehead, The Aggrolites, Hepcat, Tim Armstrong, See Spot, The Rhythm Doctors. Those are the most notable...

What's your favorite thing to do besides play drums? 

Ride bikes! LOVE IT!!! 

What's the biggest and / or best gig you ever played?

The biggest gig I ever played would probably be Wembley Arena in England, Metro Radio in England Arena or Cochella Music Fest. 

The best gig I ever played, I have 3 I think. Prob Red Rocks in Co with Hepcat in Sept 09, Gorge Amphitheater in Washington, right at sunset on Warped Tour 08 with Aggrolites, and lastly a gig near the Brixton market, I think in 06 with Aggrolites. That gig was so awesome. I just remember everyone got on stage. It was a huge party. Red Rocks, and The Gorge are just amazing places to play. But I think they will truly be the best gigs ever when I am in the headlining band playing those places. Still rad though to play there! 


Favorite drummer(s)/ influences?

I have a lot, but my favorite drummer is Chris Dave. I also really like Bill Stewart, Vergil Danoti, as well as the usual picks like Denis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams etc.. But the first 3 I mentioned are kind of my all time favs.  

Favorite food?

Im a vegitarian with a TON of food allergies. So my favorite food I can't necessarily have very often. That being said, my favorite food would have to still be pizza. Or potatoe, egg and guac burritos. 

Favorite drink(s)?

Green tea, whiskey, light beer.  

Three things that people may or may not know about you?

Three things people may not know about me, hmmm... Ok 1) I'm SUPER into cycling. Like road cycling. Both roadie and fixie. LOVE IT! 2) I don't cuss... Well I use harsh letters. It's way the F more fun and funnier this way! 3) I'm a nerd about supercross and motocross. Like I don't miss a race...

What's your set up (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, etc)?

I play Masters Of Maple Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian drum heads, promark sticks. 

Who is your dream gig with?

I always said my dream gig would be with Tom Petty or Elvis Costello. Pretty much anyone big tho. :-) 

Favorite quote: 

It's what I repeat before I go on stage, everytime:  

"I am honored, I am respected, and I am centered when I play drums... Anything other than than, I delete!" -Dr. Michelle Vonn