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Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition. Lifestyle/ Products/ Lessons.

Been a while but none the less...

Well, sorry its been a while since I have posted anythin on the DB blog. No excuses, but lots of touring, Lots local gigs, and LOTS of teaching here at Drum Brigade and also at a few local School Of Rock locations in North County SD have kept me very busy. But as I said before, no excuses! Btw, I will have some pics and stories from my latest tours with Hepcat in Sao Paulo Brazil and the Salty Dog Cruise to The Bahamas that I'll be posting here. You will also (very soon I promise) be able to see my "a day in a life" vids from tour posted here too... Soon! 


  In the mean time... 

Here is a fun excersise for you. This is a note progression grid I use for warm ups and I use for practice. This will really help you broaden and build your drumming vocabulary. For this exersise it should all be played as single strokes. So it's 1/4 notes, 1/4 note triplets, 1/8 notes, 1/8 note triplets, 1/16 notes, sextuplets or 1/16 note triplets, 1/32 notes and then back down (or backwards). So it looks like this: 



Notice the repeats. So keep it going. Try at different tempos...  

When you have it mastered, try making up drum fills around the kit with each group of notes. ORRRRR... try building a drum solo using this note progression grid around the kit.