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The Brotherhood of Drums

Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition. Lifestyle/ Products/ Lessons.

Sometimes we need to shut off our brains

As drummers we at times concentrate on the complicated patterns, excersises, rudiments, fundamentals, etc.. We learn them. We work on them. We practice them. But if you are anything like me, it often is very difficult to introduce these patterns/rudiments/excersises/fundamentals into a groove or our regular playing or even a gig for that matter! Why? I've worked on it. I understand what it is. It's "LRRLLRLRRLLRLRLRLLRRLLRLRRRLLLRL" ha! So why can't I do it? And why does it sound robotic and unnatural when I am doing it? 

Well, I've found that this is often a common problem with coaching professional athletes. The athlete spends an amazing amount of time working on technique, working on fundamentals, working on drills. But when it comes time to preform, they perform. How? Well that's just it. They work on the fundamentals/technique/drills as practice, but when they are performing that comes natural. The brain does what you are working on naturally. Take for example, a runner training for a marathon or a race. This runner traines for months for this race. He works on his running technique. He gets his rhythm. He streamlines his diet. He does everything that he's suppose to do the be ready. But when the gun fires, he is probably not thinking "left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot." He is just doing what he trained for. He knows he's ready. He knows he is skilled. 

So it is simular for us as drummers. Again we work hard. We practice. But sometimes we have to shut off our brain. We have to stop letting our brain overcomplicate things and get in the way. We want our hard work and hours of practice to boost our natural talent, skill and confidence. So we concentrate less on "LRLLRRRLLRLRLLRLRRRLLLLRRLRLRL." Instead we concentrate more on the feel, more on the groove, and more on the sound of what we are trying to play. Try it! It works for me!