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The Brotherhood of Drums

Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition. Lifestyle/ Products/ Lessons.

The Drum Brigade Show!

We are so excited to finally tell you about our newest endeavor: The Drum Brigade Show! We have been working on this for quite some time now, and are so stoked to start releasing these shows. Lemme tell you about it. The DB Show is a webshow and podcast hosted by Korey Kingston and Funky Phil Pardell. It is a weekly talk show. Like everything we do at Drum Brigade, we want this show to be a little different than other drum podcasts you may have heard or checked out. This is meant to be a light hearted, fun show, from real working drummers. This is meant to be a "drum hang" show. So that means when drummers get together, this is what happens: they drink beer, talk about gigs, experiences from gigs/ or life in general, watch drum videos, play drum games, vent, crack jokes, shed, etc, etc. You get the picture. This show is that! Two drummers, doing what drummers do... Enjoy! First show is launching next week! 

Drum Brigade Drummer Of The Day- Terry Lee Stirling Jr.

Super stoked once again to feature one of our favorite drummers and Drum Brigade team members/ ambassadors Terry Stirling Junior as the Drum Brigade drummer of the day. Terry is best know for playing drums with Lit, Rufio, and many others. Terry has spent many summers from 2010-2014 on different rock festivals and sports events introducing terminally ill kids to their favorite bands, artists, and athletes through a charity called Living The Dream Foundation.
While on tour with Rufio in 2009, their motorhome was hit head-on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. After the accident, Stirling decided to take some what of a break, and studied business finance at California State University, Los Angeles.
This is a bad dude on the drums! Make sure you check him out with Lit on their summer tour!


 My name is Terry. I grew up in Ontario, California and have lived in Orange County, California for 6 years.


How, why, and when did you start playing drums?

My parents showed me home movies from my younger brother’s 1st birthday. He and I are 9 months and 22 days apart. One of his gifts was a toy drum kit and I’m told I was drawn to it and I wouldn’t put the sticks down. Needless to say, I don’t remember it and I probably wouldn’t have believed that story if I wasn’t shown footage. The first time behind a real drum kit I do remember. My Uncle Curtis is 14 years older than me and grew up in Garden Grove, California. He was involved in the Orange County rock n roll and skateboard scene from 1988-2000, roughly. So, around 1993 he came home from a show with a drum kit. He said he bought it from the trunk of a guys car at a Descendents show. I had spent a lot of time at my grandpa’s house throughout my childhood, which is where Curtis lived. It was covered with a bed sheet. My grandpa took me into his room but we had to wait til Curtis got home to remove the sheet. It was an old-school, used CB percussion. 22” kick drum, 14” snare, 12 & 13” toms, 16” floor. It was black with a silver spiral look. All the cymbals were Zildjian but you could hardly see the logos. He taught me the basic 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & groove that night. I still have that kit in my mom’s garage. I started playing drums because I loved the way it made me feel.


Who do you currently play with?

I recently started playing with Lit from Orange County. I play in a band called Viceroy, and have another project with a good friend called Elephant The Room.


What are some artists/bands you’ve played/toured/recorded with?

My early recording experiences were in my parents’ garage with my first punk/rock band SIA. We thought we made it when we got to record with a buddy in his mom’s basement in Riverside when I was 14. My first record label release was with a band called Drive A. That album was produced by Dennis Hill and partly by Matt Sorum – two big influences. I recorded an album called ‘Anybody Out There’ with a band called Rufio. I’ve toured/played with Drive A, Rufio, Fenix Tx, Viceroy, ETR, & Lit.


What's the biggest and/or best gig you ever played?

Royal Albert Hall, Groezrock, Eastvale Living Room, House of Blues Anaheim (may 27th, 2016)


What is your favorite thing to do besides play drums?

Hang with family, listen to music and BBQ. We’re big Angel’s/Ducks fans. I love spending time on my families’ ranch. I wish I got to do it more often.


What is your style on and off the drums?

Having fun.


Who are your favorite drummers/influences?

My first favorite drummer was Ringo Starr. In no order: Williams, Colaiuta, Garibaldi, McCartney, Sorum, Buddy, Bonham, Grohl, Alex VH, Chambers, Barker, Krupa, Strait, Jones, Stevenson, Thompson, Burns, Freese, Chaney… dude, there's so many drummers, songwriters, and artists I love!


What's your favorite food?

My grandpa and I have always gone to a local steakhouse called the Steer Inn in Orange, Ca. We go twice a year: his birthday and my birthday. Bacon wrapped filet and a baked potato.


What's your favorite drink(s)?

Coffee. Whiskey. Water.


What’s your set up (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, etc)?

I play Masters of Maple drums, Zildjian cymbals, and Vater drum sticks.


Who is your dream gig with?

The Beatles. Led Zeppelin.


 Now that you’re a professional drummer, what’s been different then you imagined it would be?

Haha am I a professional drummer? I think its been just as cool as it was when I played in backyard parties with my friends.


What's your favorite quote?

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Follow Terry at: 

Traditional Ska Groove Exercise

I often get lesson requests from students who want to learn how to play Traditional Ska. This is a little exercise I wrote for some of you to check out. Remember this music is based on FEEL, not technicalities. So its always better LISTEN to the music.


Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day: Matt Horwitz

Super stoked to feature one of the baddest dudes in the Hardcore, Punk, and Metal scene. We are very happy to announce and feature the Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day: Matt Horwitz!

Hi there. I'm Matt Horwitz, 37 years old, from Orange County California.


When/ how/ why did you start playing drums?

I started playing drums when I was 9. Started off with just a pad for about a year, until my parents knew I was serious about playing. Then got my first kit that Christmas. I don't know exactly why I started. My dad was a drummer back in the day but, he never had a kit around the house. I just thought it was really cool, and it also came naturally to me. I had a good sense of rhythym right off the bat.


What bands are you currently playi/ touring with?

I currently play with a lot of bands. I do a lot of "hired gun" stuff for bands that either need a new drummer or have a drummer who's on tour or unavailable. Here is who I've been playing with recently:

Dead Twenty Sevens

Why We Kill

The Uprising

Lucky Scars

Gates of Ivory

The Mistake

Mean Season


The Rockaways (Ramones Tribute)

War Ensemble (Slayer Tribute)


 What bands have you toured with?


Give Until Gone

The Killingtons

Love Thyne

The Agony Scene


Dawn of Ashes

Red Devil Squadron

Orange Blossom Special


Monument to Thieves


The biggest or best gigs you've played?

The biggest gigs I've played were in Europe and Japan. FlufFest in the Czech Republic with Mean Season in 2013 was good. Outdoor festival. Thousands of people. Great crowd. The Big Cat in Osaka, Japan '09, with Mikoto, is up there on "the best shows I've ever played" list. Not all big shows are the best though. Some of my favorite shows went down in smaller venues like, the now closed, Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca. Capacity 250(?), but they had some of the greatest shows ever there. Recently played an Adamantium reunion show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim and it was insane.


What are some things you like to do outside of drumming?

Outside of drumming, I'm a big sports fan. All sports. I play soccer in a mens league. It's kind of tough though because, if I get hurt, I can't play drums. I have to be careful. I also love collecting horror movie memorabilia and artwork. Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. That kind of stuff. I got a dog recently. He keeps me busy.


Who are some of your fvorite drummers?

Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), John Stanier (Helmet), John Bonham, Andols Herrick (Chimaira), and Mike Johnston (clinician). There's a lot more but, those are probably my top 5.


Favorite Food?

I could eat french fries for the rest of my life, if I had to.


Favorite drink?

Water...then an ice cold Heineken.


What are 3 things people may not know about you?

I am OCD. I hate sleeping in other peoples houses/ beds. I never want to have children.


What is your set up:

Masters of Maple Drum Co.

12", 14", 16", 18", 24",

13x8.5" snare

PAISTE cymbals

16" RUDE thin crashes (played as hi-hats)

18" RUDE thin crash

18" ALPHA rock crash

20" ALPHA rock ride (played as a crash)

21" ALPHA groove ride (played as a crash)

22" 2002 ride cymbal

10" ALPHA splash

EVANS heads

PROMARK sticks


What is your dream gig?

If I could go back in time, I'd love to be in Motley Crue or Guns 'n Roses. Years 1985-92. Wild times. Great time for music. I might not be here to give this interview though, hahaha!


Now that you are a professional drummer, has anything been different then you imagined it would be?

Nothing really. I'm used to the way things are because it's been this way for awhile. There are definitely some perks as far as the shows I get to play, and places I get to go, and certain endorsements I have. I'm really fortunate to be in the position I'm in. Took a long time to get here. I'm just really happy with how things have turned out for me. I'm busy. I'm working. I'm always playing out. I'm teaching alot. Just going to ride this wave as long as possible and hopefully it keeps building. Sky's the limit!


For more information follow Matt at: 

Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day: Candace Hansen

Once again we are super stoked to feature this heavy hitting drummer! This girl is the epitome of punk rock drumming! She straight up KILLS IT!! This week we are featuring Candace Hansen:


When did you start playing drums?

I unofficially started playing drums in grade school after like 2 years of begging to play snare drum instead of clarinet in school band. All the girls were relegated to either clarinet or flute, and finally after months of incessant asking I was finally given snare drum haha. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was a terrible clarinet player, but I was happy to finally be playing drums! I didn't learn a whole lot, but I did learn the concept of a fulcrum and paradiddle, so I'm grateful for that.

Officially I got my first drum kit when I was 15, my mom and I made payments of like $5 a week on it to a football player at the high school I was attending that year. I would practice every day and even take it with me to school some times, its a rad little red sparkle 1960's banger kit with a 20" kick drum, so I would just pile everything in it and take it to my friends houses and to school. I still have it and its as banged up as you might imagine it. I started playing in a ska punk band my junior year of high school (03) and drumming has been a big part of my life ever since.

Who do you play with/ (or where do u teach etc)?

Currently I'm playing drums in a band called YAAWN with my friends Josh and Jessica who are both really awesome musicians and all of us are drummers so its been great. We play weird music, I like to think its like post-hardcore or something but we don't really know. We've got some black metal songs, some hardcore songs, some weirdo odd time stuff, so we're kind of all over the board nerds. I also just recorded some drum tracks on Alice Bag's new record which should be coming out really soon. That was a lot of fun and Alice is such a great song writer and musician as well as an author, so it was really neat to get to work on that project with her.

I teach drums in a few places. One is I do private lessons once a month in Huntington Beach out of a studio in North HB called Sunstar. Another place I teach at is the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls OC, its an amazing org that I help run with some friends that empowers female and gender non-conforming youth through teaching them to write and play their own music.

What are some artists/ bands you've played/ toured/ recorded with?

In addition to YAAWN and Alice Bag I've played with some really cool folks like Exene Cervenka, a very short lived thing called Amongst Animals with some friends and way back with this 77 style punk band Neon Maniacs and a ska punk band called Not a Chance.

Biggest and/or best gig you ever played?

The biggest gig I ever played was probably in 2004 when I was playing drums in the Neon Maniacs and we were on this huge punk festival in MorcambeUK. It was like a 3 day thing with multiple stages that took over an entire beach town, I'm pretty sure its the same place that Morrissey used in his video for Everyday is Like Sunday. I was 18 and had just graduated high school and it was the first time I had really ever left my hometown except for a few short trips to San Fransisco with the same band, so needless to say I was starstruck and taken with the entire thing, and consequently spent the entire night before drinking since 18 year olds legally drink in the UK. We played the next afternoon in this big hanger type thing, it was so cool. 

The best gig I ever played was probably when I was playing drums for Exene Cervenka and we played the Fonda in LA as direct support for Tiger Army on their Octoberflame show in 2012. I think of it as a "best gig" type of thing because we played a rad set of classic LA punk songs in LA including Germs, Black Flag, Weirdos, X, and some of Exene's solo stuff. Its not every day you get to back up a seminole punk poet playing some of the music that was so formative for you. As if the gig wasn't memorable enough, my hilarious mom came to the show and between songs I could hear her screaming "MY BABY! AHHHH CAAAANDACE!!" over a sold out crowd, I felt like I was like 10 at a clarinet recital and was kind of mortified, but I don't think anyone else noticed haha. Leave it to moms to bring you right back down to earth.

What is your favorite thing to do besides play drums?

I love writing and am a total nerd academic who specializes in history, gender studies, and music. I write a lot of different stuff for fun, but I also contribute music and history focused stuff to Tom Tom Magazine and OC Weekly. This year I applied to a few PHD programs, so hopefully I will be accepted to one!

Favorite drummer(s)/ influences?

Janet Weiss, Jason McGerr, and whoever is programming the drums in HIRS right now are the biggest influence on my playing. I love Janet Weiss's playing so much. She's blends big heavy arena grooves and simple but linear stuff into like rock riot grrrl complexity. Its like she took everything Bonham was doing and turned it into modern art. Jason McGerr is just such a phenomenal player, when I heard him on Tegan and Sara's The Con it completely changed my playing. And the HIRS collective is the most brutal band that nobody's heard of and I dream of playing blast beats like that.

Favorite food?

Right now? chilaquiles!

Favorite drink(s)?

Coffee all day every day.

Three things that people may or may not know about you?

I'm a Sagittarius/Sagittarius/Scorpio. I am obsessed with taking showers and usually ask for body wash for xmas. My first brush with being in the "public eye" was when I won the Pavilions Cookie Club drawing in the early 90's and I had my mug up at the cookie counter for an entire week cheesing with my giant cookie prize. I made my mom go to the grocery store multiple times that week to look at it.

What's your set up (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, etc)?

I am a total gear nerd, so glad you asked! hahaha

Cymbals: Istanbul Agop XIST 24" ride, 20" 1960's Zildjian crash ride, and 14" Istanbul Agop XIST brilliant hi-hats. In YAAWN i have a very coveted 18" Wuhan China too.

Drums: Gretsch New Classic Maple in gold sparkle, 18x22, 10x12, and 12x14. I've been using a maple DW snare, but I also have a pearl black brass that I love.

I've also got the Ludwig Questlove kit that I am obsessed with.

Heads: I have for years been using Remo, I love their darker and deeper sound, especially their Vintage Ambassador stuff. BUT- lately I have gotten into the Aquarian Modern Vintage stuff.

Sticks: I have been into Vater for the last few years, right now I'm into the Jazz Ride sticks.

Hardware: I jumped on the flat stand boat after my DW9000 stands started feeling like a ton of bricks. I also wouldn't trade my Iron Cobra for any other pedal ever.

Who is your dream gig with?

I feel like I've already had some dream gigs, but I've always kind of fantasized about playing in the Disneyland Jazz Band, how much fun would that be? Go to Disneyland every day and play music? I mean, come on it can't get any better than that. Gotta get my chops up if thats ever gonna be a reality, Jimmy Ford was the last guy I saw doing that and his chops are fire. Maybe if they start a Disneyland Hardcore Band my dreams may be more realistic.

Favorite quote:

"One day may we all meet together in the light of understanding." -malcolm x

Drum Brigade Tee Shirt COMING SOON!

We are happy to announce that we will FINALLY be launching the apparel end of Drum Brigade in the next few days. We have been working endlessly on moving DB forward with lessons, lifestyle as well as this new venture our DB products. We will be launching many more apparel styles as well as many other products. The future is grand, and we are VERY excited! Here is a peak at our first tee shirt design. 

What is Drum Brigade?

Drum Brigade

Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition.


Started by Korey Kingston Horn, Drum Brigade is growing into an awesome community and brand for drummers united and world wide.

What began as a group of friends sharing similar styles, sharing similar gigs and working as professional drummers in the industry, is quickly growing into one of the most recognized and respected organizations and brands in the music industry. The DB team of well rounded and individually unique pro drummers  has helped spread the brand’s message to a growing audience around the world.

The message of Drum Brigade is to fuel the rise of a positive drum community, and is dedicated to improving guidelines in the industry. DB is dedicated to raising the bar for work ethic and professionalism among seasoned veterans and up & coming drummers. The Brigade is about positive encouragement, drummers having each others back and a sense of belonging. This is a drastic difference in comparison to what the drum/ music industry typically has to offer.


The Drum Brigade speaks the language of drummers differently than the "typical" style-less, industry persona, with positivity that encourages guys and girls to “join the brigade” and express themselves as someone who belongs... The Drum Brigade speaks the language of drummers with distinctive style, on and off the drums  with apparel and drum products that encourages guys and girls to “join the brigade” and express themselves as someone who belongs on the stage!

The Drum Brigade lifestyle continues to expand with new drummers and team members daily. But the question is "Are YOU part of the Brigade?"

To sign up for lessons please visit: www.drumbrigadeschool.com  

Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day

We are stoked to feature today's Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day... San Diego's own Chad Lee.






"My name is Chad Lee. I’am a San Diego native. "







 When did you start playing drums?

I had my first close encounter with an acoustic drum set when I was around 10-11. I witnessed a friends band rehearsal from their driveway. That very evening I snuck away into their garage and started to bash away. From then on I was pounding on anything that made a cool noise…. Lets just say my teachers didn’t like my admiration for beats and unique sounds on the school desks. 

Who do you play with?

Currently I’am playing with The Silent Comedy, Creature And The Woods, The Chadly Three, and Gregg Griffin And The Midnight Clergy. I have taken it upon my self to try and be the “ yes dude” and take on projects as they are presented to me. Because of that I’m pretty busy these days.

What are some artists/ bands you've played/ toured/ recorded with?

I’ve had the pleasure of backing Marc Ford and Elijah Ford in 2015. Toured with bands ranging from Ryan Bingham, The Heavy, Switchfoot, Saint Motel to name a few. I have recorded and performed with artists like Boyd Tinsely, Captain Kirk, Kris Kristopherson, and producers Michael Einziger, Chris “frenchie” Smith and Brian Malouf.

Biggest and/or best gig you ever played?

The biggest gig I think was the time i played in San Diego at the Sports Arena. Sold out crowd. Check this bill out... Queens of the Stone Age, Vampire Weekend, Cage The Elephant, Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J, The Silent Comedy, and J Roddy & The Business. The other biggest gig was probably opening for Brian Setzer at the Gibson Amphitheater. So many pomps and leather jackets haha. 


What is your favorite thing to do besides play drums?

I have two faves off the top of my head. I love being in the ocean which can range from surfing, body surfing, or just having a recharge moment on the sand. The other is having great philosophical conversations with friends about life, our purpose and what we can continue to do as humans to excel, learn and be the best we can be as individuals on this planet. Im a hippie at heart. 

Favorite drummer(s)/ influences?

This is a tough one because there is so much to to admire and be influenced by these days. In the beginning I was into and playing metal, hardcore and those weird hybrids of the two. I was all about blast beats, 16th note triplets with the double pedal, and half time break down patterns. So bands like Falling Cycle, Sinai Beach, Converge, Between the Buried and Me, Figure Four, Arsis… those dudes were all in the early years which paved the way to learn how to beat the hell out of kit ha. As I got into my later teens I got into Reggae and was attempting to make music in that genre. It ended just being your typical sublime style surf reggae but was still a blast to play with my budds. Got into Carlton Barrett from The Wailers a ton. As things kept growing i got into the rock roots of the John Bonhams and the Mitch Mitchells. I then really fell in love with  the 'beauty in the space' players like Nick Mason, Levon Helm, Charlie Watts, Brad Wilk. Phil Selway, Questlove are up there too. Really love Jon Theodore and Ricky Mozatta from MeWithOutYou. Both those dudes not only bash but come up with great grooves. Gotta give love to the obvious greats like  Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and Art Blakey and all those early cats that paved the way for us. This list can go on and on so I’m going to stop. 

Favorite food?

Pad Kee Mao, Burritos, Home grown tomatoes. 

Favorite drink(s)?

Water, Whiskey, Beer, Yerba Mate, Kombucha.


Three things that people may or may not know about you?

Once upon a time I worked a regular 40 hour a week job, lived in a beach cottage, owned my own truck and motorcycle. Long story short I basically woke up one day and said to myself all of this is unnecessary and is holding me back from moving forward. I got rid of everything and lived in a tent for about a 1 year, saved all my money from work, bought my drum kit with all touring cases needed to hit the road with added savings to pay bills and eat. At the time I wasn’t a full time member of anything yet but I knew thats what I wanted. After that commitment for change everything has and continued to present itself as  opportunity and a challenge. I learned that sometimes difficult life decisions will yield a ton of opportunity. You just have to really want it. 

I also snuck into the Led Zeppelin show in 2007 at the 02 Arena… But thats a different story. 

What's your set up (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, etc)?

I play on a 2006 DW Classic Series yellow marine wrap. 24x16, 13x9, 16x16. My Snare Drums are either a 6.5x14 Vessel 1/4 Aluminum, a 1940s StarDrum that is 5.5x14 ( this thing has a head on it probably 20+ years old… but its got that sound that you just don’t want to mess with). Then I play a Brady Jarrah stave style snare that is 6.5x14.

 My cymbals are  Paiste 20’ Giant Beat crash, 20’ Paiste 2002 crash, 20’ Paiste twenty custom series ride and my hats use to be Paiste Alpha Rock hats but lately I’ve been experimenting with thinner hats to try and get more of a softer sound. noting has stuck yet.. so we shall see. 

My sticks are Vic Firth 5b Extremes and lately for quieter gigs been rocking the good ole 5a’s. I find that the lighter the stick the more control you can have over the dynamics if your having to keep your volume low. Also use the Steve Gadd edition brushes with the angled 3/4’ ends. Super nice. 

Heads are typically Remo Ambassadors for rack and floor. Snare can vary between Remo AmbassadorX with that extra dot underneath (usually will take that on the road for longevity) or regular Remo Ambassador. 

My hardware is usually Pearl. It was what came with a kit i purchased years ago and i just kept with them ever since. I do enjoy DWs hardware though. 

Who is your dream gig with?

Not sure i have a “dream gig”. I think the answer would extend to reach a state of being where my skills as a drummer and persona reflect a state into which i can survive financially, have a home space for making records and bringing people together, be creating and collaborating with amazing souls,  all whilst traveling this beautiful planet. Thats probably my dream gig. 

Favorite quote:

I was reminded of this one the other day by C.S. Lewis “ Make your choice, adventurous stranger, Strike the Bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.” 

The other i always remind my self is “ Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi 


For more info or to contact Chad please visit: 

Kick Pattern Practice

Here is a 1/16 note Kick Drum Pattern practice. This will stregnth end your foot speed, as well as build your independence. When I teach this lesson I try to put a lot of emphasis on "feel". They say you can't teach feel, but I feel like I come pretty close. :-) These grooves will help. Have fun!




Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day

Well, since this is the first of many, I figure the first Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day should be me. Not posting this because I'm vain, but so you can get to know me a little better. It'll also help you to get to know other Drum Brigade drummers, as well as drummers we straight up think are dope as well. So enough said... This is my Drum Brigade Drummer of the Day interview:


Korey Kingston Horn  

My name is Korey Horn. Some may be surprised to know I am 36 years old. I live in north county San Diego California. I'm a born and raised Californian. I like to play drums...



When did you start playing drums?  

I started when I was 3 years old. My dads a singer. There was drums always set up at the house. I was always completely fascinated with his drummer, actually any drummer. So one day my mom lowered the drums for me so I could try and play them. The rest is history. Since then I never stopped.  

Who do you play with?

I am currently playing with Western Standard Time ska big band, on occasion with Hepcat, and I work regularly with a corporate gig, "Vegas style" band called Sirens Crush. I'm also involved with some cool recording projects at the moment. We will have to wait and see what happens with that... 

What are some bands/ artists you've played/ toured/ recorded with?

Some of the bands I've played with are Suedehead, The Aggrolites, Hepcat, Tim Armstrong, See Spot, The Rhythm Doctors. Those are the most notable...

What's your favorite thing to do besides play drums? 

Ride bikes! LOVE IT!!! 

What's the biggest and / or best gig you ever played?

The biggest gig I ever played would probably be Wembley Arena in England, Metro Radio in England Arena or Cochella Music Fest. 

The best gig I ever played, I have 3 I think. Prob Red Rocks in Co with Hepcat in Sept 09, Gorge Amphitheater in Washington, right at sunset on Warped Tour 08 with Aggrolites, and lastly a gig near the Brixton market, I think in 06 with Aggrolites. That gig was so awesome. I just remember everyone got on stage. It was a huge party. Red Rocks, and The Gorge are just amazing places to play. But I think they will truly be the best gigs ever when I am in the headlining band playing those places. Still rad though to play there! 


Favorite drummer(s)/ influences?

I have a lot, but my favorite drummer is Chris Dave. I also really like Bill Stewart, Vergil Danoti, as well as the usual picks like Denis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams etc.. But the first 3 I mentioned are kind of my all time favs.  

Favorite food?

Im a vegitarian with a TON of food allergies. So my favorite food I can't necessarily have very often. That being said, my favorite food would have to still be pizza. Or potatoe, egg and guac burritos. 

Favorite drink(s)?

Green tea, whiskey, light beer.  

Three things that people may or may not know about you?

Three things people may not know about me, hmmm... Ok 1) I'm SUPER into cycling. Like road cycling. Both roadie and fixie. LOVE IT! 2) I don't cuss... Well I use harsh letters. It's way the F more fun and funnier this way! 3) I'm a nerd about supercross and motocross. Like I don't miss a race...

What's your set up (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, etc)?

I play Masters Of Maple Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian drum heads, promark sticks. 

Who is your dream gig with?

I always said my dream gig would be with Tom Petty or Elvis Costello. Pretty much anyone big tho. :-) 

Favorite quote: 

It's what I repeat before I go on stage, everytime:  

"I am honored, I am respected, and I am centered when I play drums... Anything other than than, I delete!" -Dr. Michelle Vonn  


New Video

This is our newest Drum Brigade lesson video. This could be confusing to some of you. A few weeks ago I posted the sheet music for the Note Progression Grid on the Drum Brigade Blog. In this video I quickly demonstrate how to play it. When you look at the sheet music it makes more sense. This is one of a few videos I will be posting showing what I use in my practice routine. Enjoy!



Simple 1/8 note- 1/16 note Sub-division Exercise/ Drum Fills

Whats up guys,  

 This is a great beginner warm up/ lesson/ exercise that you can also use as drum fills. It's an exercise that uses 1/8th notes and 1/16th notes in a variety of combinations. On the chart you'll notice a bunch of repeats. So the idea is to use the first measure as a warm up or just a pattern to play on your snare or practice pad. Then the 2nd and 3rd measure of each exercise is an example fill with the basic rock beat. Again it is just an exampe drum fill. So the idea is after you get the fill that's written, try to make up your own fills using that same pattern. Have fun! Hit me up with any requests video or blog lessons!