Drum Brigade

The Brotherhood of Drums

Drum Brigade is a community, a family and a place for drummers, drum enthusiasts, future drummers, and people who are just plain into music and culture, to be among like minded individuals. DB is a way to support each other as fellow drummers, but also a means to push each other to excel and expand horizons in a spirit of camaraderie rather than negative competition. Lifestyle/ Products/ Lessons.

The Drum Brigade Drum School offers group classes, semi-private classes and private one on one drum lessons. All ages and all skill levels are welcome... Our mission is to provide drum lessons in a fun and encouraging environment for each student. Our goal is to help each student express their creativity and develop their unique style, while learning from seasoned professionals, who are not just music teachers, but also industry working drummers.

Drum Brigade Instructors

Drum Brigade School is set up to deliver high quality drum lessons at multiple locations from industry working drummers. 


Korey Horn


Phil Pardell

Lesson Programs

Lesson Information

Private Lessons

Private drum lessons are designed to provide focused, hands-on, one­‐on­‐one instruction, while guiding students at their own pace to develop their talents. Each lesson is tailored to the student and what they want to improve on, while being inspired to achieve their individual goals. Your instructor will provide personalized instruction and will also put necessary time and emphasis on proper technique and form. Private lessons are by appointment only.

Performance Group Class, Work Shops, Clinics (coming soon)

Drum Brigade Group Lessons feature BEGINNER (often times first timer), INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED, and STYLE SPECIFIC classes.

The instructor follows a detailed curriculum that will cover all the basics you need to know in order to begin or expand on your drumming journey. Strictly limited class size means plenty of individual attention. Group classes are by appointment only and are intended for friends, families, parties, groups, camps, and others to enjoy drum lessons together.


Lesson Pricing

Private Lessons: $49.75 each lesson $199 monthly. Private lessons are offered by appointment. Lesson enrollment is monthly and ongoing. Private lessons are intended for one student with one instructor.

Single (non-monthly) Lesson $69.00  Please note: Single lessons are permitted but are only scheduled online and paid in advance.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR SINGLE LESSONS (See cancellations).

Payments/ Cancellations/ Student Requirements

Payments: We gladly accept Cash, Credit Card (Accept U.S.-issued Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards) Check, Pay-Pal and Money Order.

Cancellations: CANCELLATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO BE MADE 48 HRS IN ADVANCE. All Cancellations are non-refundable however cancellations that are made 48 in advance can be rescheduled for another date. Missed group classes can be made up, however the student may not have a class drum kit or practice pad available for the made up class. (See Korey for details).

Requirements: We request that each student have at least one pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. (Although it is not required, it is always best if the student devotes at least 15 min a day for practice, either on the drum kit or the practice pad). There are NO age requirements to take drum lessons, however the student must be able to follow basic instructions and must be able to hold a pair drum of sticks.


Your Guarantee: Your experience as a music student is backed by a strong, positive reputation. Your experience as a music student is backed by a teacher devoted to having a positive approach to the students learning. Your teacher has gone through a detailed, federal back ground check to assure your satisfaction and trust.

**Please note that the Drum Brigade instructors are professional drummers as well as teachers. So there will be times that they may be away on tour or booked on gigs. On these times a substitute may be provided, or you may chose to hold off on your lessons until your preferred instructor is available. The student will be informed well in advance of scheduling.